BOURNS DR334A Series

BOURNS DR334A Series

New AEC-Q200 Compliant Line Filters

The DR334A Series filters are constructed with a ferrite toroid core delivering compact size and high impedance over a broad frequency range to suppress Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) coming into or leaving from the system.

The Model DR334A series is AEC-Q200 compliant with an operating temperature range of -40 to 135 °C. These line filters are available in a bifilar-wound configuration to reach higher common mode impedance and a sector-wound configuration to reach higher differential mode impedance at high frequencies. They are ideal for use in data, signal and low current power line noise suppression applications in consumer, industrial and other markets.


  • Bifilar or sector windings
  • Toroid core, self-shielding, low radiation
  • Wide EMI suppression frequency range
  • Inductance range : 11~4700 µH
  • Current range : 0.2~0.5 A
  • Impedance range : 300~6000 Ω @ 0.5-300 MHz
  • Size : 9 x 5.8 x 3.6 mm
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • RoHS compliant and halogen free

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New NeoTAG Plug G/MG3326

Miniaturisation at its best.

Only 3.3 mm in diameter and with a height of 2.6 mm – those are the dimensions of the new NeoTAG Plug G/MG3326. With this model, NEOSID have been able to reduce the TAG’s surface by another 40% and its volume by 50%. As a result, this latest member of our NeoTAG family is suitable for holes with a diameter of only 3 mm, and therefore for identification of even smaller parts, such as drill bits and milling inserts.


  • Miniaturised dimensions of 3.3 mm in diameter and 2.6 mm in height
  • Easy mounting process without special tools by press-in or punch-in
  • Readable by standard RFID readers with min. 200mW output power
  • Protection class IPX8: continuous immersion in water
  • Vibration resistant
  • High mechanical abrasion resistant
  • Resistant against a large number of chemical substances
  • User data memory: 896/1280/2112/2528 Bit depending on IC type
  • IC with password protection and encrypted protocol on request
  • Customization of logo and color on request
  • NFC Forum Type 5 TAG

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HAMMOND 1554 & 1555 Series

HAMMOND 1554 & 1555 Series

New Slimline reduced height IP68 sealed 1554 and 1555

To meet the needs for shallow enclosures, Hammong Mfg have introduced three new versions based on some of the fast-moving sizes in the ranges. Each plan size is available in ABS with plain and styled lids and polycarbonate with plain, styled, clear and smoked lids, so they have added a total of 18 new options.

Key Features

  • 1554 and 1555 JL: 160 x 89 x 46 high, 15 mm less than the previous lowest height
  • 1554 and 1555 HL: 180 x 119 x 46 high, 15 mm less than the previous lowest height
  • 1554 and 1555 VA: 239 x 160 x 60 high, 19 mm less than the previous lowest height
  • IP66 ABS versions available with flat or styled solid lids
  • IP68 UL 508A Listed polycarbonate versions available with flat or styled solid lids, clear lids and smoked translucent lids
  • Captive stainless steel fixings
  • ABS versions for indoor use rated UL94-HB flammability
  • Polycarbonate versions for indoor and outdoor use rated UL94-5VA flammability
  • Polycarbonate versions are UV stable
  • Moulded DIN rail mounting tabs
  • M3 threaded integral brass inserts and/or standoffs for PCB or inner panel mounting
  • Replaceable UL listed high temperature silicone one-piece gasket
  • Body and solid lids are RAL 7035 light grey

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Click here for the Hammond Manufacturing 1555 series webpage



ST-1612r-DGx dead reckoning (DR) modules are the perfect solution for automotive application. They not only support GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and QZSS, but also have inertial sensors (3-axis accelerometers and 3-axis gyros) to provide dead reckoning. They will detect if there is an odometer connection or vehicle speed input, and then automatically operate in ADR or UDR mode.

Both raw data of the inertial sensors and vehicle’s altitude including pitch, roll and heading angles are outputted for the driver behavior analysis. For example, the internet connected vehicles can automatically send emergency calls (i.e. E-Call) for help based on the vehicle’s altitude. No requirement of installation orientation and automatic calibration function make them easy to use. With these features, ST-1612r-DGx can reduce position errors in multipath environment and continue to work where GNSS signals are poor or not available, such as tunnels and indoor parking lots, as well as deliver seamless car navigation.


  • AEC-Q100 qualified GNSS chip
  • Capable of SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS)
  • Fast TTFF at low signal level
  • Built-in MEMS sensor (3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer)
  • Support MEMS raw data output (up to 100Hz)
  • No requirement for installation orientation
  • Auto detect and operate in ADR or UDR mode
  • Support odometer (wheel-tick pulse) and forward/reverse signal input
  • Support vehicle speed input from UART port
  • Support vehicle speed input from CAN Bus (ISO 15765-4)
  • Support AGPS autonomous solution
  • LOCOSYS IATF 16949 quality control
  • Small form factor 16 x 12.2 x 2.3 mm
  • SMD type, RoHS compliant


  • Automotive Navigation.
  • Marine Navigation.
  • M2M.
  • Track patrol and examine car.

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