Standard rectifiers
Fast switching rectifiers
Ultrafast switching rectifiers
Superfast switching rectifiers
Schottky Barrier Diode
Zener diodes
Transient Voltage Suppressor diodes
Current limiting diode
Small Signal Diodes
Bridge rectifiers, single phase
Bridge rectifiers, three phase
High voltage rectifiers
Bipolar Transistors
Field Effect Transistors



Specialists in converting legacy peripherals to Universal Serial Bus (USB). They offer the easiest route to USB migration by combining USB-Serial (USB-RS232) and USB-FIFO silicon solutions with their ready-to-go royalty free USB drivers. FTDI's "total" solutions offer reduced development and debug costs and a fast time to market.

Vinculum Family – USB Host/Slave Controllers
FT Series IC's – USB Slave Converters

USB TTL Serial

Range of PCB boards and sub-assemblies based around FTDI ICs. The modules are available in a range of formats to support various applications. The range consists of modules to carry out basic prototyping of USB based designs to modules which can be integrated to provide USB connectivity within finished product designs.

USB RS232/422/485 Modules
Range of modules supporting conversion from USB to a range of commonly used serial interfaces such as RS232, RS422, and RS485. Modules are based on the FTDI USB to serial converter ICs and support multiple channels.

Development Modules
Development modules supporting prototyping and development for FTDI USB devices. The development modules come in a range of compact form factors. The development modules can be used for product integration to enable USB connectivity within existing product designs.

Application Modules
A range of application modules based around FTDI ICs which offer a ready-to-use application modules that can be easily integrated into customer applications.

DLP Modules
FTDI also supply and distribute a range of connectivity modules developed by DLP Design. Many of the products are based around FTDI USB ICs and offer connectivity to RF/RFID, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, MCUs, I/O interfaces as well as offering USB adapters and development boards.



 Automotive ICs
Automotive MOSFETs
Embedded Power ICs
DC/DC Converter (Automotive)
Motor Drivers (Automotive)
Infineon® Auto LED Driver
Linear Voltage Regulators for Automotive Applications
Powertrain ICs
Restraint System ICs
Smart High- and Low-Side Switches
Vehicle Stability ICs Braking (ASP/ESP)

Discretes & Standard Products
Bipolar Transistors
DC/DC-Converters (Industrial)
Industrial Transceivers
Linear Voltage Regulators for Industrial Applications
PROFETS™ and Mini-PROFETS™: Smart High Side Switches

ESD & EMI Protection Devices & Filters
Audio Line Interfaces
General Purpose
High Speed Data Interfaces
Flash Memory Interfaces
Wireline Telecommunication
RF Antenna ESD Protection

Interface Devices
ESD & EMI Protection Devices and Filters
HITFET™, TEMPFET™ - Smart Low-Side Switches
HV Gate Driver ICs
Industrial Transceivers
Intelligent Interfaces via RF Technology
Isolated I/O ICs
Protected High Side Switches
Wireless Control

Lighting ICs & LED Drivers
Off-line LED Driver
LED Drivers for Automotive
LED Driver for Outdoor Lighting &
Indoor Lighting
Smart Ballast Control ICs for Fluorescent
Lamp Ballasts

32-Bit Microcontrollers
16-Bit Microcontrollers
8-Bit Microcontrollers
Companion IC family
Development Tools, Software and Kits
Embedded Software Solutions
Safety Products PRO-SIL™

Power Management ICs
HV Gate Driver ICs
Industrial Transceivers
LED Drivers for General Lighting
Linear Voltage Regulators for Industrial
and Consumer Applications
Motor Drivers (Automotive)
Motor Drivers (High Power)
Smart Ballast Control ICs for
Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts

Power Modules & Discs
SmartPIM and SmartPACK
MIPAQ™ Modules
IGBT Modules
HybridPACK™ Modules
Intelligent Modules (CiPoS™)
Bridge Rectifier / AC-Switches
Thyristor / Diode Modules
Thyristor / Diode Discs
Stacks and Assemblies

RF Switches
RF Transistors
RF Antenna ESD Protection
GPS Front-End Components
RF PIN Diodes
RF Varactor Diodes
RF Mixer + Detector Schottky Diodes
High Reliability Discretes
Intelligent Interfaces via RF Technology
Cellular RF Transceiver
RF Power
Wireless Control

Sensors & Wireless Control
Pressure Sensors
Magnetic Sensors
Tire Pressure Sensors
Wireless Control
Radar Solutions for Automotive

Silicon Carbide Power Products
Wireless Communication Products



Flow Sensors
Conductivity Sensors



General Purpose Linear
Operational Amplifiers
• Rail to Rail Input/Output
• Rail to Rail Output
• Precision
• Hi-Speed/Wide Band
• Low Noise
• Low Operating Current
• Low Operating Voltage
• J-FET Input
• High Voltage

Motor ICs
• Stepper Motor

Communication ICs
• Amplifier IC ,Switch IC

Display Drivers
LCD Driver
VFD Driver
LED Driver

Optoelectronic Devices
General Purpose Linear
Power Supply ICs
• LDO ,3-Terminal Voltage Regulator
• Reset IC
• Shunt Regulator
• Switching Regulator IC
• Battery Charger IC
• Charger Pump IC

Audio / Video
• Audio Amplifier ,Class D Amplifier
• DSP(Digital Signal Processor)
• Audio Processor
• Electronic Volume
• Audio Switch
Video ICs
• Video Amplifier
• Video Switch

Quartz Crystal Oscillator ICs
A/D Converters
Analog Switch ICs
Microprocessor Peripheral ICs



1-Wire® and iButton®
Amplifiers and Comparators
Analog Switches and Multiplexers
ASIC Design Services
Clock Generation and Distribution
Data Converters, S/Hs, and AFEs
Digital Potentiometers
Energy-Measurement and Metering SoCs
Filters (Analog)
Hot-Swap, PoE, and Power Switching
Interface, Interconnect, Signal Integrity
LED Lighting and LCD Display
Military and Aerospace
Power and Battery Management
Powerline Networking
Protection and Isolation
Real-Time Clocks (RTCs)
Security and Authentication
Storage (SAS/SATA/Enclosure Management)
Supervisors, Voltage Monitors, Sequencers
T/E Carrier and Packetized Communications
Thermal Management
Voltage References
Wireless and RF



Humidity Sensors (RH&T)
First digital humidity sensor for precise, reliable and cost-effective humidity measurement and humidity control in a wide variety of OEM applications such as consumer goods, automotive and HVAC applications.

Liquid Flow Sensors
High precision liquid flow sensors and liquid flow meters with measurement ranges down to nanoliters per minute. Designed for medical devices, HPLC, biotech and laboratory applications.

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers for Gases
Mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for accurate and fast measurement and control of gas flow. Successfully used in different OEM applications (e.g. medical devices, analytical instruments, etc.)

Differential Pressure Sensors
Differential pressure sensors for gases. Measures accurately and offset free down to very low rates of differential pressure. Designed for demanding medical and HVAC applications.



Saw filters
Crystal oscillators
WiFi modules
Saw resonators
RF modules