Molex 211624 High-Accuracy Stacked Patch GNSS Antenna

GPS L1/L5 & GLONASS 36 x 36 x 7mm Stacked Patch Single Feed Antenna

Features and Advantages

  • molex-211624_Antenna2Stacked-patch single feed – Eliminates the need for a separate base station
  • Low-profile design – Affords space savings
  • Silver pin – Positions and fixes the antenna to the PCB (via soldering); provides electrical contact between
  • the antenna and the board
  • High-precision tracking – Allows decimeter-level to sub-meter-level accuracies for geospatial data
  • Ceramic patch antenna – Delivers high-gain, high-radiation efficiency performance for the most demanding GPS applications


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Click here to download  the Molex PDF product sheet

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