Easyhold EHJ7+8 Battery Box

With the intermittent ESKOM supply, now’s the time for extra POWER! Easyhold’s EHJ7 and 8, houses the 7ah and 8ah batteries. You have the option of having a fixed or slide lid keeping your alarm, gate motor and LED lights powered for longer. For more info, contact Liana

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TE SlimSeal Lighting Connectors

Compact design Positive latching to prevent inadvertent un-mating Pre-assembled seals to reduce assembly time Different colors enables easy identification and flexibility in design -40°C to 105°C operating temperature Voltage rating: 250VAC max wire-to-board 400VAC max wire-to-wire Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1500VAC wire-to-board 1800VAC wire-to-wire IP67 protection For more info, contact Susana

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TDK NT Series ThermoFused Varistors

Compact size Highly reliable fuse design Fuse prevents reconnection for high safety According to UL 1449 Also available with third lead for status display High surge current capability (Imax 10 kA, In up to 5 kA) Rated voltage : 50 ~ 1000 V Clamping voltage : 135 ~ 2970 V Energy absorption Wmax : 15 […]

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Battery Holder

Battery Holders

From Horizontal to Coin Cell … we stock a large range of different types Self-extinguishing thermoplastic Polyester 302 spring temper stainless steel, nickel plated contacts Flammability rating : UL94 V-O Temperature range : -55°C to 140°C Resistance to solvents For more info, please contact Julian  

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Vatra Batteries

Varta Batteries

From Industrial Alkalines to Lithium-Ion … We stock a large range of different sizes Key Facts Highest energy density High discharge rate Fast charging Very long service life with full cycles Low self-discharge No memory effect 0% lead, 0% mercury, 0% cadmium UL approval Stable product quality: Produced on highly automated production lines: Made in […]

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LIC (Lithium-Ion Capacitor)

VINATech Hy-Cap LIC (Lithium Ion Capacitor)

LIC Solution Hy-Cap LIC (Lithium Ion Capacitor) single cell products are rated at 3.8V and suitable for applications requiring higher voltage and high energy density than standard EDLCs. Maximum available voltage: 3.8V (min 2.2V) Operating temperature range: -30°C to 85°C High energy density (2 times of EDLC) Over 100,0000 cycle life RoHS compliant Low self-discharge, […]

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Bourns CW105550A and CW161009A Series Chip Inductors

Bourns Model CW105550A and CW161009A Series AEC-Q200 Compliant Chip Inductors Features Ceramic core provides stable electrical characteristics High self-resonant frequency 1100 – 6000 MHz (CW105550A) 350 – 12500 MHz (CW161009A) AEC-Q200 compliant Rated current 110 – 1360 mA (CW105550A) 130 – 700 mA (CW161009A) Inductance range : 1 – 120 nH (CW105550A) 0.6 – 1100 […]

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TDK CeraCharge™ Rechargeable Multilayer Ceramic SMD Battery

Rechargeable batteries : (BCT1812M101AG) CeraCharge™ – first rechargeable solid-state SMD battery Features Rechargeable, long life/ cycling time for energy storage and supply devices Up to 1000 recharging cycles Easy placement and processing using reflow soldering techniques Solid ceramic electrolyte rules out the risk of fire, explosion or leakage of liquid electrolyte Li-based ceramic oxide electrolyte / […]

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Molex, Contrinex Inductive and Photoelectric Sensors

Robust, self-contained inductive and photoelectric sensors with an integrated IO-link feature compact housings, a large sensing range and patented UV technology, making them ideal for limited-space applications and challenging environments Inductive Sensor : One-piece factor-1 steel and aluminum housing IP67 and 69K rated enclosure Vibration and shock resistance ASIC technology Long operating distance – 40.00mm […]

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Sensirion_SFM3200-AW, Digital Flow Meter for Medical Applications

Sensirion SFM3200-AW – Digital Flow Meter for Medical Applications

Flow Sensor for a Superior Performance at Low Flows Features Low pressure drop Expiratory flow sensor Flow range: -100 slm to +250 slm (bi-directional) Superior performance at low flows Autoclavable & cleanable High robustness and reliability at variable inlet conditions Very fast signal processing time Signal internally linearized and temperature compensated Medical cones for pneumatic […]

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AVX mmWave Measurement System (5G)

The Ethertronics® ETH-MMW-1000 is a fully anechoic millimeter measurement system capable of testing wireless devices from 18 to 75GHz. The system is self contained, moveable, and compact enough to fit into any laboratory or production environment. Features & Benefits Technology: Far-field / Spherical with oversampling Frequency Range: 18GHz – 75GHz Maximum Size of DUT: 45cm Maximum Mass of DUT: 10kg on […]

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