Molex Ditto

Ditto Wire-to-Wire Connectors, Positive and Friction Lock Versions Available in glow wire capable and positive lock versions, Ditto wire-to-wire interconnects halve the tooling and setup costs of low-amperage consumer and lighting applications for increased cost-savings and operational efficiency Features and Advantages Glow wire housings – Ensures safety and protection of end-users in the event of […]

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Micro Fit+ Connectors

Molex Micro-Fit+ Connector

The Micro-Fit+ connector is a wire-to-board system which offers a 3.00mm pitch, a higher-current rating of 12.5A and superior design options for flexibility and efficient assembly Features and Advantages Fully isolated contacts on each side of the interface – Prevents potential arcing Reduced Mating Force by 40% – Allows for ease of work, reducing operator […]

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