Molex 211964 2.4, 5 GHz Ceramic and MID Chip Antenna

2.4, 5 GHz Ceramic and MID Chip Antenna 2.4, 5 GHz Ceramic and LDS-MID antennas offer outstanding performance and easy integration in connected city and home applications Features and Advantages Single band and dual band. High operating efficiency BLE, BT, Thread, Wi-Fi, Wireless Hart, Zigbee Working frequency 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz with high efficiency (more than […]

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Molex 211624 High-Accuracy Stacked Patch GNSS Antenna

GPS L1/L5 & GLONASS 36 x 36 x 7mm Stacked Patch Single Feed Antenna Features and Advantages Stacked-patch single feed – Eliminates the need for a separate base station Low-profile design – Affords space savings Silver pin – Positions and fixes the antenna to the PCB (via soldering); provides electrical contact between the antenna and […]

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209142 series Antenna

Molex 209142 Series Flexible Antenna

698 to 4000MHz Flexible Antenna Wide-band antenna future-proofs wireless application developments to support evolving LTE and 4G cellular technologies Key features Flexible polymer material – Enables easy “peel and stick” mounting Low profile design – Offers space saving 85 x 14.5 x 0.1 mm U.FL-type connector – Secures to the application’s device radio Cable and […]

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molex 208890 antenna

Molex 208890 : Low-profile GPS Ceramic Antenna

GNSS Antennas, Ceramic GPS Patch Antenna Molex newest compact ceramic antenna incorporates a rectangular microstrip design for GPS right-handed circular polarization wave reception. This RoHS compliant antenna offers low RL and axial ratio with high gain. Its excellent re-stripping characteristics make it easy to install and uninstall. Ceramic Patch Antenna – Delivers high gain, high radiation […]

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Molex 3-in-1 (4G/Wi-Fi/GPS) External Antenna

Fully balanced, IP66-rated antenna offers high 4G, Wi-Fi and GPS signal performance in telematics, remote monitoring and other applications 206866 Series Advantages Performs outside RF transmitter/electronics enclosure Withstands harsh environments: moisture, corrosives, temperature extremes, high shock/vibration Rugged coaxial cable assemblies, Delivers robust connection and reliability in harsh environments Robust waterproof locking connectors, such as FAKRA, […]

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Molex – Cellular Ceramic Antennas

Compact Ceramic Cellular Antenna supports high performance MIMO applications in telecommunications, industrial and other wide-frequency-band operations. Series 146200 698 MHz to 2.7 GHz Cellular Ceramic Antennas Features & Benefits ESD-protecting radiation pattern – All radiation patterns are directly connected to the system ground to eliminate damage caused by electrostatic discharge Indirect-feed design – Enables wider […]

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