VINATech Hy-Cap LIC (Lithium Ion Capacitor)

LIC Solution

Hy-Cap LIC (Lithium Ion Capacitor) single cell products are rated at 3.8V and suitable for applications requiring higher voltage and high energy density than standard EDLCs.

  • LIC (Lithium-Ion Capacitor)Maximum available voltage: 3.8V (min 2.2V)
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to 85°C
  • High energy density (2 times of EDLC)
  • Over 100,0000 cycle life
  • RoHS compliant
  • Low self-discharge, low leakage current for long-term backup applications
  • 3.8V 20F / 40F / 100F / 270F

LIC utilizes the EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) physical adsorption / desorption reaction on the anode and the lithium redox reaction of LIB (Lithium Ion Battery) on the cathode. Therefore, the LIC is a hybrid ultra capacitor that combines the high energy density characteristics of LIB, while maintaining the long life and high power characteristics of EDLC

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