Model BPS310, BPS320, BPS330, BPS340 Series

Four New Series of Environmental Pressure Sensors Based on MEMS Technology

Bourns Sensors & Controls Product Line is introducing four new series of environmental sensors based on Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology. These four new series are designed for the customer who requires ultra-fast response time, long-term stability and has the ability to do self-calibration. The four new model series will cover a vast array of applications and packaging requirements.

  • The Model BPS310 series has been designed to provide high sensitivity/accuracy for ultra-low pressures.
  • The Model BPS320 series has a robust configuration in a surface mount package for gauge and absolute pressure measurements up to 500 psi.
  • The Model BPS330 series is a through-hole pressure sensor with an aluminum port for low pressure applications that have an operating temperature range up to 125 °C.
  • The Model BPS340 series is a surface mount device with pressure ranges of up to 500 psi, and the ability handle certain harsh medias.

These new models in the Bourns pressure sensor family are designed for stable performance over the product’s lifespan, and the ability to work with a wide range of pressures. Bourns also offers port configuration and calibration customization for all BPS pressure model families.


  • Uncompensated output
  • Absolute, gauge and differential types
  • For use in clean, dry air and non-corrosive gas environments
  • RoHS compliant


  • Industrial:
    • HVAC systems
    • Process monitoring
    • Packaging automation
  • Medical Devices (low/medium risk):
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • Analysis equipment

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