NEW WIMA PowerBlock

Double-Layer Capacitor Modules with Very High Capacitances



Special Features
• Modules with very high capac­ itance values from 62 F to 500 F and rated voltages from 16 VDC to 125 VDC
• Discharge current up to 1900 A
• Maintenance-free
• Series connected
• Actively balanced
• According to RoHS 2011/65/EU

Encapsulation: Metal case IP65
Terminal tread size: M8 I M10
Marking Colour: Black
Marking: Gold

The WIMA PowerBlock range has a modular design.The configurations displayed are representative examples which at any time con be adopted in terms of capacitance,voltage or dimensions. Customized solutions can be realized on request.


Technical Options on Request
• Temperature monitoring
• Overvoltage signal
• Voltage monitoring
• Industrial connector/CAN­connector
• Application-adapted cooling
• Application-specific protection classes

WIMA PowerBlock modules stores energy and releases it within short time in e.g.

• Motor start in construction,agricultural and earth moving machines, trucks,busses,vessels,generators
• Railway technology e.g locomotives, electric tramway etc.
• Hybrid and heavy transportation in e.g. construction, agricultural and forestry machines,city busses,fork­ lifts,cranes etc.
• Automated guided vehicles (AGV) in production facilities,in-plant logistic systems etc.
• Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in hospitals, telecommunication systems,oil and gas extraction etc.
• Wind power systems e.g. in pitch control.

• Fast supply of several 100 – 1000 A in direct current operation
• Operating temperature range from -40° C to +65° C
• Maintenance-free operation with up to 1 mill on charge/discharge cycles
• Life expectancy >10 years
• Low weight against batteries or secondary batteries
• Environmentally friendly materials
• No risk of damage do to complete discharge of the component
• Very fast recharge of the PowerBiock.

The use of PowerBiocks as energy storage increases efficiency and life time of the applications,saves weight and cost for maintenance,and is environmentally friendly.


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