Trusted by Medical Equipment Makers Globally

Your equipment is critical to saving lives. Make sure it relies on the best sensing technology.

The equipment you make saves lives – and failure is not an option. So make sure the sensor technology in your equipment is up to the task.

Top medical equipment suppliers from across the globe have trusted sensor technology from Honeywell for accuracy, sensitivity, reliability and long-term stability in ventilator applications.

Honeywell expertise includes:

  • AIRFLOW SENSORS to help monitor a patient breathing
  • HUMIDITY SENSORS to monitor and control the moisture content of the air delivered to the patient
  • OXYGEN SENSORS to ensure and control oxygen concentration level of the air
  • TEMPERATURE SENSORS to monitor and control the temperature of the air
  • PRESSURE SENSORS to monitor patient breathing, detect when air and oxygen inlet filters are clogged and to monitor and control the flow of air and oxygen delivered to ventilators

Sensor types include :

  • Pressure sensors
  • Force sensors
  • Airflow sensors
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Load Cells sensors
  • Humidity & Temperature sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Magnetic Position sensor ICs
  • SpO2 sensors

With more than 100 years of technology development and innovation, we’ve earned a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability. And in the medical equipment business, quality and reliability can’t be platitudes – they must be top priorities.

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