New NeoTAG Plug G/MG3326

Miniaturisation at its best.

Only 3.3 mm in diameter and with a height of 2.6 mm – those are the dimensions of the new NeoTAG Plug G/MG3326. With this model, NEOSID have been able to reduce the TAG’s surface by another 40% and its volume by 50%. As a result, this latest member of our NeoTAG family is suitable for holes with a diameter of only 3 mm, and therefore for identification of even smaller parts, such as drill bits and milling inserts.


  • Miniaturised dimensions of 3.3 mm in diameter and 2.6 mm in height
  • Easy mounting process without special tools by press-in or punch-in
  • Readable by standard RFID readers with min. 200mW output power
  • Protection class IPX8: continuous immersion in water
  • Vibration resistant
  • High mechanical abrasion resistant
  • Resistant against a large number of chemical substances
  • User data memory: 896/1280/2112/2528 Bit depending on IC type
  • IC with password protection and encrypted protocol on request
  • Customization of logo and color on request
  • NFC Forum Type 5 TAG

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