TDK  B3237x Series FilterCaps

TDK B3237x Series FilterCaps

B3237* Series FilterCaps MKD AC Film Capacitors

EPCOS / TDK B3237x FilterCaps MKD AC Film Capacitors offer a 200 to 1000VRMS voltage range, a 2475VDC maximum voltage rating, and a ±5% tolerance. The B3237x series is available in both single- and three-phase options and is constructed with MPP Dielectron, non-PCB/soft polyurethane resin filling, an overpressure disconnector, self-healing technology, and a stud bottom mount. EPCOS / TDK B3237x FilterCaps MKD AC Film Capacitors are for use in general-purpose applications.

B3237x series FilterCapsSpecifications

  • 250 to 1000VRMS voltage
  • 350 to 1415VAC voltage
  • 675 to 2475VDC voltage
  • Capacitance values from 3×10 µF to 3×400 µF
  • ±5% tolerance rating
  • Current capability of up to 60 A
  • Long life expectancy of 100,000 hours according to IEC 61071
  • Capacitance Range :
    • Single-Phase: 5 to 600μF
    • Three-Phase: 3 to 600μF

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