Tronics AXO®315 – Inertial Sensors

High performance, force-rebalance SMD MEMS accelerometer with digital interface

Tronics AXO®315, a miniature high performance 1-axis closed-loop MEMS accelerometer with a 24-bit digital SPI interface and SMD package that reaches quartz sensors performances, outperforms commercial MEMS sensors, and eases integration.

Main features and benefits

  • High precision and fidelity with 1-year composite bias repeatability of 1 mg and a 600 ppm composite scale factor repeatability over temperature and vibrations (-55 °C to 105 °C, >4 g rms vibration), making it compatible with demanding applications such as train and vehicle localization, heavy-industry and construction machines positioning and motion control, as well as test instrumentation.
  • Force-rebalance closed-loop MEMS accelerometer with quartz sensors -equivalent performances at a fraction of their size (<0.8 cm3vs <10 cm3), weight ( <1.4 g vs 50 g) and price (2-3 times cheaper)
  • SMD component with digital SPI interface reducing the cost of integration and BOM: standard SMT assembly on FR4 board, no ADC required and easier system calibration
  • Non classified under dual use applications enabling civil and security usage without export license


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