Cables & Harnesses

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Experts in Ferrite Transformers, PCB Population, Industrial, Military & Commercial Harnessing & Systems Integration.

Transtronics is divided into various sections to better target your requirements: Transformer Assembly, PCB Population, Industrial & Military Harnesses Application, Discrete Harness, Systems Integration & RF Cable Assemblies.

We offer expert design support, prototyping, full production and a RF testing facility. Integration is a major part of our business. We work closely with customers’ engineering teams to provide to them a turnkey solution in order to deliver a fully tested final product which conforms to specifications and standards. Both industrial and military harnessing is being manufactured on site and will become a prominent factor in Transtronics production over the next few years.

A level 1 BEEE company. An ISO 9001:2008 Company.

Transtronics offers through hole PC Board population for small and medium production runs and prototypes. We also provide custom transformer winding.

At Transtronics, we provide customised cable and harness assemblies. We work with the following formats:

• Physical sample of product
• Engineering Drawings
• Over the phone sampling

For more info, contact :
Telephone : 011 458 9000