Film Capacitors
Electrolytic Capacitors
Snubber Capacitors

Aluminium Housed Resistors
Thick Film Power Resistors

EMI/RFI Filters

EMI Suppressors
Toroidal Coils
Power Adaptors
Line Filters

Electro Optics
Radiation Detectors
Geiger Müller Tubes
Semiconductor Radiation Detectors
UV Light Measurements
Vision Engineering
Radiation Tolerance

Power Film Capacitors
Snubber Capacitors
RC Networks
AC Capacitors
Motor Control Capacitors

Trimmers and SMT Trimmers
Resistor Networks, Mini Nets, RC Networks
Chip Resistors and Arrays
Dials and Encoders
Panel controls
Potentiometers – Linear motion and Slide motion
Precision Potentiometers
Pressure Sensors
Inductive Components
Modular Battery Contacts
Multifuse Circuit Protection
TISP – Telecom Overvoltage Protectors

High Current Inductors
SMD Power Inductors
Through Hole Inductors
Toroid Inductors
Chip Inductors
Common Mode Chokes
Molding Power Chokes
High Frequency Transformers
EMI Filters
Choke Coils
Ferrite Beads
Line Filters
LAN Magnetics

Electrolytic Capacitors
Ceramic Capacitor
Disc Type
Disc Type High Voltage including 2KV-15KV
Multilayer Conventional &Chip*Electrolytic
Standard Miniature Radial
Standard Miniature Axial
High Temperature 105DEG
Ultra Miniature Radial
Low Leakage Radial
Non Polarized Radial & Axial
Low Impedance Type

Passive Components

High Voltage Capacitors
Power Capacitors
Precision Capacitors
Electrolytic Capacitors
Impregnated Capacitors

Special Ferrites
Chokes, Fixed Value Inductors
Automotive Electronics
Filters, Coil Assemblies, Thermoplastic Parts
SMD Filters, Coils, Fixed Value Iductors

PCB Filters
DC Filters
EMC/EMI Chokes & Filters
IEC Inlet Filters / Power Entry Modules
Single Phase Filters
Three-Phase & Neutral Line Filters
Open Frame Filters
Line Reactors & Harmonic Filters
Feedthrough Filters & Capacitors
Automotive Components
Power Quality Products
dv/dt Reactors & Filters
Sine Wave Filters

RF Band Pass Filter for Second IF Helical Filter
RF Band Pass Filter for P25 Portable Radio 380-520M/ 800-900M
RF Band Pass Filter for VHF UHF Wireless Microphone
Cellular & Wi-Lan & GPS
RF Band Pass Filters for 138-174/ 380-520M Two Way Radio (Portable Transceiver)
VHF UHF Band Pass Filters For Transmitters & Receivers

Isabellenhütte is one of the most important manufacturers of electrical resistance materials and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement as well as of passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

The field of precision measurement technology sets standards when it comes to measuring current, voltage and temperature in cars and trucks, but also in hybrid and electric vehicles as well as in industrial and regenerative energy production systems.

Precision Measurement
Precision and Power Resistors


Power electronics

Drive technology

Medical technology

Aviation and aerospace


Battery charging technology

Energy measurement

Electronic energy meters

Precision Alloys

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Tantalum Capacitors
Film Capacitors
Power Capacitors

SAW Components for TV and Audio applications, such as intercarrier & Nyquist filters
SAW Filters as surface mount devices for mobile phones, multimedia and automotive electronics
Resonators, clock recoveryfilters and band pass filters for telecommuications
Low pass filters, duplexers and modules for mobile phones

Piezo actuators
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Surge Arresters

PM/EP cores for telecommunications and industrial electronics
E/U Cores for consumer electronics, Information Technology and automotine electronics
Toroids for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and LAN applications
Accessories for ferrite cores
Inductors / Inductive ferrite components
RF Chokes
Chokes and Filters

Permanent Magnets & Plastic Bonded Magnets
Magnet Systems
Inductive Components

VINATech, established in 1999, has fast become one of the leading energy storage system producers in South Korea

Supercapacitor Solution

Hy-Cap single cell

Hy-Cap module

Carbon Solution

Fuel cell

Deodorizing filter

LIC Solution

  • Hy-Cap LIC

SMD Capacitors
Capacitors in PCM 2.5 mm
Capacitors in PCM 5 mm
Film/Foil Capacitors in PCM 7.5 – 15 mm
Metallized Capacitors in PCM 7.5 – 52.5 mm
Pulse Capacitors
RFI Capacitors
Snubber Capacitors
GTO Capacitors
Intermediate Circuit Capacitors

Royal Ohm Passives

Metal Strip Chip resistors
Leaded Resistors
Chip Resistors
Chip Capacitors
Resistors + Capacitor arrays
Chip Resistor arrays

Royal Ohm Passives

Metal Strip Chip resistors
Leaded Resistors
Chip Resistors
Chip Capacitors
Resistors + Capacitor arrays
Chip Resistor arrays
Ceramic Capacitors