OBOL Dot Matrix Displays
Dot Matrix Displays
OBOL SMD Displays
SMD Displays
OBOL Numeric Displays
Numeric Alphanumeric
Touch Displays
UFO Super Flux LED
3mm Indicator Lamps
Super Bright Lamps
Automotive LEDs
PLC (Single Colour)
PLCC (RGB 3in1)
PLCC (Special Colours)
PLCC (Glow Lights)


Character LCD Modules – from 8ch x 1 to 40ch x 4
Graphic LCD Modules – dot matrix from 128 x 16 to 640 x 240
Chinese Font Modules
TFT Modules – 3.5″ to 10.4″
Customised Modules


Low Current
Photo Transistor + Diode
LED Displays
Dot Matrix
Light Bar
Single, Double, Triple + Four Digit Display


Visible LED Components
With a wide range of SMD LED, through-hole and assembly LED Lamps and Flash LED, EVERLIGHT contributes to the world’s growing demand for reliable solutions for general illumination purposes, ambient lighting, backlighting, automotive, signage and traffic signal applications. Also for complete LED backlighting solutions, EVERLIGHT features a comprehensive portfolio of LED components.

Lighting Solutions
From highly productive greenhouses and modern offices to the nightly streets in Europe, Asia or North America: wherever a strong boost in efficiency and economic life-time is requested, EVERLIGHT’s high performing LED fixtures and retrofits are first choice. Especially when design follows function and performance in such an appealing way.

Infrared LED, Sensors, Couplers
EVERLIGHT infrared products can be found in countless unexpected applications around you. Whenever and wherever perfect control and highest precision is required. Designed to make our world better, safer, more comfortable and efficient, EVERLIGHT’s broad infrared portfolio includes both through-hole and SMD packaged standard and high power emitters, phototransistors and photodiode sensors, reflective and transmissive sensors, infrared LED and couplers.

LED Digital Displays
Wherever and whenever visual information with high brightness at low power consumption is required, EVERLIGHT is your favorite source of first-class LED digital displays. From ultra-sensitive audio electronics to heavy duty industrial equipment displays: Better performance – more choice! Available in through-hole and surface mount packages, the EVERLIGHT product portfolio features one, two, three and four digit, alphanumeric, bar graph and dot matrix displays.