Filtered Connectors
Circular Connectors
D-type Connectors
Smart Card Connectors
Flat Flex Solutions
RF Connectors
Fibre Optics


Elevated Hight above Board
Multilayer Board Sockets
TO Series Machined
Zig-Zag Inline Strips
PGA Sockets
Stamped Pin Sockets
Board to Board Connectors

DC Brusheless Fans, frame sizes from 20-172mm, thickness from 6-55mm, DC voltages 3.3/5/12/24/48V

DC Blowers, various designs and DC voltages 3.3/12/24/48V for different applications

AC Fans and Blowers, AC 110, 220V. 115/230V dual voltage (available for some models)

Fan accessories, guards/filters/power cords

Piezo Buzzers
Piezo Transducers
Piezo Elements
Magnetic Buzzers
Magnetic Transducers
SMD Buzzers/Transducers

PC Din Rail Terminal Blocks
MK Din Rail Terminal Blocks
WS Din Rail Terminal Blocks
Plug-in Terminal Blocks
PCB Screw Terminal Blocks
Transformer Terminal Blocks
PCB Spring Terminal Blocks
Feed Through Terminal Blocks
Barrier Terminal Blocks
Interface Modules
Through-wall Terminal Blocks

Circuit Board Hardware
Card Guides & Pullers
Rivets, Screws, Washers & Nuts
Motion Control Bumpers & Feet
Fan Accessories
LED Hardware
Cable Ties & Accessories
Cable Management
Fiber Management
Grommets, Bushings & Cable Glands

Semiconductor Mounting Parts
Thermal Transfer Compound
19″ Racking
Computer Accessories
Testboards & Test & Measuring Equipment
Mica & Silicone Wafers

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SIM Card Connectors
USB connectors
USB Type-C Charging Connectors
Waterproof Connectors
Board to Board Connectors
Memory Card Connectors
Flat Flex Cable & Connectors
Custom Connectors
DC Power Jacks
Modular Jacks
Lighting Connectors
Custom Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Parts and accessories for vending, gaming and amusement.

Button Plugs
Coin Accepters
Crowd Control Posts
Electronic & Lighting
Front Plates
Handle Mechanism
Illuminated Push Buttons
Metal Box with Mec Holder
Non Illuminated Push Buttons
Prize Lights
Reels Mechs
Ticket Dispenser Doors
Ticket Dispensers
Top Coin Slots
Vending Motors
Ways Sorter

FFC/FPC/Wire Trap Connectors (down to 0.3 mm pitch)
Micro and Nano-Miniature Connectors
Slimline D-Sub Connectors (also SMD)
Modular Interconnect Systems
Single & Dual Row, 2.0 mm & 2.54 mm
Data Connectors
DIN 41612 Connectors
Modular Jacks and Plugs (also SMD)
Sockets and Edge Connectors
SIMM, DIMM Sockets
IC Sockets, Economy Type: Side wipe SIL, DIL, PLCC
PCB Connectors, 0.1″ and 0.2″ pitch
Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire
Input/Output Connectors
High Power Connectors
Industrial (Circular) Connectors

Signal Relays
Automotive Flashers
Miniature PCB Relays
Latching Relays
Automotive Relays
Relay Sockets

Screw Contact Terminal Blocks
Spring Cage Miniature Terminal Blocks
Spring Cage Compact Terminal Blocks
Headers For Spring Cage Miniature Terminal Blocks
PC Terminal Blocks PTSA
Pin Strips PSA
Fibre Optic Printed Terminal Blocks


High Voltage Series
Earth Resistance Testers
Insulation Tester
Insulation & Multifunction Testers
ELCB Testers
Loop Testers & Electrical Network Analyzers
Cable Tracers & Cable Testers
Phase Sequence Indicators
Clamp Meters
Various Instruments
Panel Meters

Circuit Protection Devices
Connectors & Connector Components
Identification Products
MID Technologies
RF Antenna Products
Relays, Switches and Sensors
Tooling Products
Touch Systems
Tubing & Harnessing Products
Wire, Cable, Cable Assemblies

Relays for Telecommunications, Automotive & Industrial Applications

General Purpose Relays
PCB Relays
Power Relays
Solid State Relays
REED Relays
Circuit Breakers and Contactors

Terminal Blocks for Printed Circuit Boards
Rail Mounted Electronic Modules
Terminal Strips for Panel/Chassis Mounting
Tab & Solder Connectors for Panel/Chassis Mounting
Grounding Terminals & Ceramic Terminal Blocks

PCB Connectors & Terminals
Electronics & Automation
Klippon® Protect Enclosure System
Device Connection Technology
Marshalling Cable Solutions
Systemized Marking
Wireless Connectivity

Sockets & Connectors

Adapter Solutions – for Prototyping Programming, Emulation & Test

Custom Solutions – for mitigating Device Obsolescence and Board Re-Design

A broad range of Connectors for PCB, IDC Cable and Production delivered from Stock

Jermyn Sockets & Transistor Pads – manufactured to Original Drawings with Original Tools.

Production & Test Sockets – for all Integrated Circuit Styles.