The integration of KEKO-Varicon assets within the Bourns organization is complete, giving their customers and partners streamlined access to a comprehensive breadth of varistor products. Bourns are able to enhance their offering of superior overvoltage protection solutions backed by an expanded technical and customer support team. With an even stronger global organization, customers will also realize advanced technology and time-to-market benefits from additional R&D and production capabilities that are now fully assimilated.

Because Bourns and KEKO-Varicon are now ONE, all products have been fully integrated into the

Bourns corporate structure:

  • Seamless ordering of part numbers within the Bourns SAP system
  • Varistors are searchable on the Bourns website
  • Increased worldwide support — products are totally and expertly supported through

Bourns Sales, FAE and customer service teams

  • Product samples can now be requested through Bourns Sales, FAE and customer service teams