EJSS IP66 Stainless Steel Industrial Enclosures

Continuous Hinge Door with Quarter Turn

EJSS family is available in a natural smooth brushed finish in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. Sealed to IP66, it designed for use as an instrument enclosure, an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control housing, electrical junction box or terminal wiring enclosure in applications such as food processing where it may be hosed down for cleaning. It is also suitable for indoor or outdoor installation where protection against water and dust is required. Stainless steel is also an excellent material to use in areas where corrosion may be a problem. If severe corrosion is a particular concern, we recommend the 316 grade versions, where the addition of 2% molybdenum offers significantly greater protection.

The EJSS family is available in 22 sizes, ranging from 102 x 102 x 76 mm to 406 x 356 x 254 mm. All but the two smallest sizes are supplied complete with a 1.6mm thick internal unpainted galvanised steel panel.

Initially, the most popular sizes in 304 grade listed in our Industrial Enclosures Catalogue are held in stock at our Basingstoke UK European facility. For full technical information on all sizes, click here. The other 11 sizes of 304 grade enclosures and all sizes in 316 grade are available on short delivery time from the Hammond manufacturing facility in Canada; we will add further sizes to our UK stockholding to support demand.

Key Features

  • 22 sizes, 102 x 102 x 76 mm to 406 x 356 x 254 mm. 11 selected sizes in 304 grade are initially available ex-stock from the UK.
  • Available in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Body and cover are formed from 1.3 mm stainless steel with smooth, continuously welded seams without knock outs, cut outs, or holes.
  • A formed lip on the enclosure diverts flowing liquids and contaminants away from the sealing gasket.
  • Heavy duty 1.6 mm full width top and bottom brackets facilitate mounting the enclosure to an external surface.
  • The cover, attached by a heavy duty continuous hinge, opens through 180° for good access.
  • Quarter turn 316 stainless steel door latches provide a degree of security by requiring a tool for operation.
  • IP66 sealing is achieved by a seamless poured-in place gasket in the door.
  • All but the two smallest sizes include a removable 1.6 mm inner mounting panel.
  • A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding stud is fitted to the enclosure.
  • Supplied in a natural smooth brushed finish.
  • Meets IEC 60529 IP66 for European and CE, UL and NEMA 3R, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 requirements for North American markets.


  • Designed for use as instrument enclosures, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control housings, electrical junction boxes or terminal wiring enclosures.
  • Provides protection where equipment may be hosed down or otherwise be very wet, or in specific applications where corrosion may be a problem.
  • For high temperature applications, a gasket retainer may be required, please refer to factory.


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