SLF3S-0600F : New Liquid Flow Sensor

Made to measure – the next level in liquid flow sensing

The SLF3S-0600F is a new sensor variant in Sensirion’s SLF3x sensor series. It measures very low flow rates bidirectionally up to ±2000 µl/min and is suited for various applications in the industrial market or in the field of diagnostics, analytical instruments and life science.

Key Benefits / Features :

  • High performance, stability and long-term reliability
  • Full scale flow rate for water- and hydrocarbon-based liquids: ±2000 µl/min (output limit at ±3250 µl/min)
  • Turn down ratio 200:1 or better
  • Millisecond fast response time
  • Linearized, temperature-compensated and fully calibrated digital output signal (I2C)
  • Bidirectional measurement and real time failure detection
  • Inert wetted materials for optimal chemical and biological compatibility
  • Straight, unobstructed flow channel without moving parts
  • Compact and light-weight form factor, enabling a simple integration
  • Cost-effective design

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Click here to download the Sensrion SLF3S-0600F PDF datasheet