Multi-Gas, Humidity and Temperature Module SVM30

The Solution for Air Purifiers and HVAC Applications

The SVM30 facilitates development and sensor design-in of products while at the same time offering great flexibility for product design. The SVM30 is especially suited for customers which prioritize lean development and products, and perfectly fitting for small and middle-sized companies. Based on Sensirion’s experience and expertise in environmental sensing, the SVM30 is optimized for easy design-in and sensing performance. The SVM30 is a multi-gas, humidity and temperature sensor combo module containing a SGP30 gas sensor as well as a SHTC1 humidity and temperature sensor.

The SGP30 gas sensor combines multiple metal-oxide sensing elements – the pixels – on one chip, thereby offering the possibility to measure a total VOC signal (tVOC) and a CO2 equivalent signal (CO2eq) with one single sensor chip. The SVM30 further offers calibrated air quality output signals as well as compensation of humidity cross-sensitivity. The gas sensing element features an unmatched robustness against contamination by siloxanes present in real-world applications enabling unique long-term stability and low drift. Furthermore, the integrated SHTC1 humidity and temperature sensor covers a humidity measurement range of 0 to 100% relative humidity (RH) and a temperature measurement range of -20 to 85°C with a typical accuracy of ±5% RH and ±1°C. The gas, humidity and temperature sensor components are designed with Sensirion’s proven CMOSens® Technology.

  • Sensirion SVM30Measures indoor air quality parameters total VOC (tVOC), CO2-equivalent (CO2eq), relative humidity RH and temperature T
  • Automatic baseline compensation and humidity compensation of MOX gas sensor
  • Outstanding long-term stability and reliability
  • Fully factory calibrated and tested
  • Digital I²C interface
  • 5V supply voltage
  • Dimensions: 39 x 15 x 6.5 mm

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