The libraries include models of the complete SIMID series of current product range (EIA sizes 0402 to 2220). The models of the various series are delivered in individual libraries for each series (0603, 0805, 1210, 1812 etc.). Individual libraries for current SMT power inductors are available for download sorted by size (6×6, 10×10 etc.). The libraries for SMT I core data line chokes (SIMDAD), SMT ring core data line chokes (DLD), power line chokes, transponder coils and RF chokes (BC) supplement the libraries for SMT inductors.

Each library is available in several versions:

  • For each of the simulation programs PSPICE, HSPICE, LTspice and Ansoft Designer / Nexxim
  • In German and English
  • For the Windows and UNIX/LINUX operating systems

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