TDK has expanded its portfolio with new EPCOS pressure transmitters whose performance profiles are specially tailored to the requirements of industry 4.0. These low-profile pressure sensors are characterized by their compact design, high accuracy and excellent long-term stability

TDK-ultra-flat pressure sensorsUltra-Flat and Networkable

A new series of low-profile pressure transmitters specially designed for industry 4.0 applications features an extremely flat insertion height of only 6 mm and a footprint of 24 x 26 mm with feedthroughs for simple, maintenance-friendly screw mounting. This transmitter series is designed for a wide range of maximum rated pressures from 16 mbar to 7 bar FS (full scale). In the temperature range from -25°C to 85°C it achieves an accuracy of ±1 percent FS. The transmitters can be used for a wide range of applications, and they offer an accuracy of ±1 percent FS (full scale).

Thanks to the two connectors integrated in the transmitters, they can be easily networked in daisy chain topologies. These transmitters are optimized for differential pressure measurement.

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