Helping You Choose the Best MOV Surge Suppressor for Your Application

Almost every designer knows about Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs). These bidirectional and non-linear surge suppressor devices are ubiquitous in a large variety of applications to limit voltage during a surge or transient event.  But how do you choose the best MOV for your design from the multiple form factors and various surge protection ranges?

Bourns can help.  They just developed a new white paper entitled, Tips on Selecting the Right MOV Surge Suppressor.  In it, they provide a step-by-step selection approach as well as detailed information on the features and specifications to help you narrow down your search.

Below is a quick summary of the key steps:

  • First Step: Determine the application’s surge requirement.  For instance, a good rule of thumb for selecting an MOV is for the Inom to be typically half of its Imax rating.
  • Second Step:  Determine the operating voltage and the application’s maximum peak voltage.
  • Third Step: Determine if there are any special requirements such as operating temperature.
  • Fourth Step: Consider the highest clamping voltage (Vc) the protected equipment can tolerate.


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