New Full Colour Digital UV Printing Capability

Hammond have now commissioned their latest full colour UV digital printer, which gives them a significant increase in their ability to enhance your product with eye-catching graphics and legends. Eight positions, the traditional four colour CMYK inks and clear, two whites and a primer are used to achieve an impressive array of finishes.

Full colour UV printing key features and benefits.

  • UV digital printing on plastic, aluminium and steel surfaces
  • Maximum plan print size is 610 x 420 mm, maximum product height is 153 mm
  • 19″ front panels up to 9U can be printed
  • Crisp, sharp UV printing right to the edge on smooth and textured surfaces
  • Crisp, sharp UV printing right to the edge on curved surfaces
  • Complex and colourful graphic designs are faithfully rendered with outstanding clarity
  • Solid and gradient UV printing capability
  • Gloss, matt and textured finishes on the complete surface or selected highlight areas
  • The printed images are long-lasting, durable and scratch resistant
  • Staggered print heads and rapid UV curing ensure crisp colour integrity and fast throughput
  • Advanced software control minimises banding and uneven colours on large surfaces
  • Your artwork can be imported in a number of industry-standard file formats to eliminate transcription errors

Standard enclosures are great but they have to be configured for your application.
Use our in-house customising service to bring your new project to market: on time and on budget.

Click here to see our in-house enclosure customisation capability in more detail.

  • Precision CNC Milling of holes, cut-outs, pockets, tapping and countersinking.
  • Engraving of logos and text in both plastic and metal.
  • Pressed in hardware – nuts, studs and standoffs.
  • UV digital and silk screen printing.
  • Custom moulding colours. All ABS, flame retardant ABS and polycarbonate enclosures can be moulded in any custom colour subject to a minimum order quantity.
  • Custom painted colours – powder coating in either smooth or textured finish.
  • Overlays can be added to any size of front panel to give a durable and attractive appearance.
  • To view a video showing Hammond’s customisation capabilities, visit com/watch?v=Dt9jfz3tT5c.


Enclosure Modification Services

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