ICM-40627 / ICM 42688-V MEMS SmartMotion™

TDK launches MEMS SmartMotion™ tracking solutions with dedicated bundled software for smart TV, robotics, AR/VR, wearables, and IoT



  • 6-axis IMU with Air Motion Library that provides accurate pointing, swipe, roll and motion gestures
  • Highly precise, ultra-low-power solution dedicated to motion-control applications


ICM 42688-V

  • 6-axis IMU with Advanced Sensor Fusion Library that provides the highest orientation accuracy (<1 degree)
  • Highest performance and lowest noise consumer IMU available (40% lower noise)


DK-40627 and DK-42688-V

  • Single board “out of the box” experience
  • Comprehensive software tools to expedite evaluation and development
  • MotionLink™ and embedded motion driver (eMD)
  • Dedicated library support: Air-Motion Library and Advanced Sensor Fusion library
  • On-board embedded developer tools to help with code development
  • 15-minute setup time


Main features and benefits:

  • Dedicated library for motion control and pointing: Air Motion Library
  • Dedicated library for Advanced Sensor Fusion: Advanced Sensor Fusion library
  • Highest-precision Gyro/Accel
  • APEX Motion Engine
  • 5 x 3 x 0.9 mm package


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